May 20, 2019

The presence of the Tebe Fani company at the exposition of the 13 th congress of orthosis and prosthesis and the 2nd international congress of orthosis and prosthesis

January 13, 2019

The best age to recognize the smooth foot in children

.According to physicians, the best age for spotting the smoothness of the feet is at the age of two.
December 11, 2018

Smoothing side effects

Long-term smoothness can cause complications such as thorns, knee pain, back pain, fatigue, walking and exercise, knee deviation, ankle and spine, and even weak eyes and […]
December 11, 2018

Causes and types of soles of the foot

What is the cause of the smoothness of the foot? As you said, each of your legs consists of 26 bones connected to 33 joints and […]